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    The History of Plant Hunting

    /Posted by: tom

    On one side an informative non-fiction concertina focused on the plant hunters of the 1800s, on the other side children have the chance to become the plant hunters at the venue of Trebah Gardens, Cornwall. 


    The Guardian Weekend

    /Posted by: tom

    ‘It’s easier to feel sympathise with one persons suffering than with that of thousands.’ For Oliver Burkeman’s article in the Guardian Weekend Magazine. 


    /Posted by: tom

    Posters for ‘Peaky Blinders’ event where a sneak peak of series 3 was screened in a secret 1920s themed location. For the BBC.

    The Guardian

    /Posted by: tom

    Interesting article on scientists attempting to teach AI consciousness though stories and all the flaws that come with it. Illustration for the Guardian Newspaper.