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    /Posted by: tom

    I was asked by Falmouth University to illustrate this years cover of Wunderkammer magazine. Translating to ‘cabinet of curiosities’ it showcases Falmouth graduate and alumni illustrators, the concept for the cover was to show students exploring the various disciplines of illustration contained within the artist body.

    Personal Work

    /Posted by: tom

    I love to produce work with a strong sense of narrative, it’s also important to have a degree of strangeness in there too. Personal work.



    2019 Cricket World Cup

    /Posted by: tom

    I got to work on a series of illustrations for the 2019 Mens Cricket World Cup, printed through the Guardian each illustration covered England results as they smashed through the tournament and won the cup! Here’s a selection of my favourites…

    J A Z Z

    /Posted by: tom

    The beginnings of an on going personal exploration of music and movement, personal work. It’s personal. 

    New York Times

    /Posted by: tom

    Aimed at the millennial generation ‘Feather’ is a new company renting out designer furniture on a subscription bases, if you’re tired of carrying around your old furniture or maybe you’d just like a new style- then how about you rent it instead? Find the article here , for the New York Times.